Services that can be Provided

Workplace Physiotherapy Services provide a tailored service to treat and prevent musculoskeletal problems in your workplace (bone, joint and muscle problems).

Using the latest ''evidence based techniques'' that have been proven through extensive research , you can reduce staff sickness and promote well-being'' in the workplace.

An initial meeting will determine the level of assistance you require and which options are best suited for your particular business.

Services include:

  • Preventative treatments
  • Related Assessments
  • Individual Treatments
  • Massage
  • Function education Classes
  • Individual Patient reporting structure
  • Defining injury cause and type
  • Stress Management

All the equipment required will be provided and brought to your workplace.

An experience Chartered Physiotherapist will produce a full report for each individual assessed. This information is fed back to the appropriate manager and will define the injury type, cause and main focus for treatment.

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